Cartridge Cleaning & Repairs

Cartridge Cleaning – As low at $3, per cartridge, in bulk.
Cartridge Repairs – Starting at $10 + Parts
Cartridge Battery Replacement – $10 – Ask about bulk discounts.

System Cleaning

We can clean your classic cartridge console, inside and out! Check for leaking capacitors, old liquid spills, and give your system that new car finish!

Starting at $40

System Repairs

Cartridges not working anymore? System doesn’t power on? Sound works but video doesn’t? We can fix those problems and much more. Shoot us an email with your problem and we can give you an estimate on how much repairs will be.

Our Products

We search for local and online bargains that we can keep from going into the landfill. Many of the systems and games we get in don’t work! Most of the time it requires just replacing a fuse, a capacitor, or cleaning contacts. We restore these systems to working condition with high quality replacement parts and pass on the item to the next collector!

We do videos!

Our YouTube page will be up soon! If you don’t want to send in your item for repair, you can use our video’s as tutorials for you to do it at home!

What is Next …

Just contact us! We can provide you with an estimate, plus a return shipping price, usually within 24 hours!

Please include your name, number, and address when you contact us for a speedy response!